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On working (short)

Posted in theories, work by rumin8r on September 2, 2009

What are the merits of a hard day’s work? If I assume my life is like a roll of bubble-tape, then the more I chew on any given day, the less of me left over.

However, I tend to look at life as more like an economy. When the right factors are in place, the work I do now and the work I can do in the future expand my potential and increase what I am able to enjoy and accomplish. When I am neglecting an important aspect of my own well-being, I might be dipping into my reserves at a time when such an act might tip me into the next recession.

At the end of the day, I feel exhausted. I also feel the need to justify the day in terms of factors that can signal whether I am still proceeding in the right direction. Some days it is hard to look past the idea that I am just being spent up. What sorts of things could (or should) I do to ensure that what I’ve spent today is actually investment in tomorrow and not a draw-down of my life?

I feel that work is very analogous to an economy. And I would bet that I could learn more from the perils inherent in the economy than from the simple promise it holds. What is my stock trading at and who is willing to buy?


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