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Am I really going to do this?

Posted in thoughts by rumin8r on April 28, 2010

This is always a good question to ask starting out – especially if you doubt your resolve. I had a better sentence (and thought) in mind than that to start.

I want to use this blog as a springboard for my ideas… How cliché. I know there is another one about the value of an unexamined thought. Touché.

While I toy constantly, I want to make it clear that I claim no special knowledge or training – which should be abundantly clear. I hope to gain some followers by shamelessly linking other websites I love to follow in my own posts and hoping for an unsuspecting visitor. You might call it a business plan – it may work just as well.

Eventually there may be a point to it all, but that may be reaching a bit. I love to watch and comment on behavior, from personal observation to economic generalization. And I will generalize more often than is warranted. I am not a student of the nuanced, but a brazen theorizer who expects that life should smack upside the head in epiphanies and other such nonsense. Do not fear, as I will also be quietly tallying the evidence for any occasion on which I must place more than just a few words at stake.

I am a realist, which to me means that I am willing to forgo what might seem more palatable for what seems more likely. And I doubt I have an original thought – monkeys typing Shakespeare and whatnot.

Enough rambling. So it begins.

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