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What can be done?

Posted in observations, theories, work by rumin8r on September 4, 2009

I came across an interesting article:

The research shows men who spend even a few minutes in the company of an attractive woman perform less well in tests designed to measure brain function than those who chat to someone they do not find attractive. […]

Psychologists at Radboud University in The Netherlands carried out the study after one of them was so struck on impressing an attractive woman he had never met before, that he could not remember his address when she asked him where he lived.

Researchers said it was as if he was so keen to make an impression he ‘temporarily absorbed most of his cognitive resources.’

I hava always suspected this fact. They conclude:

The findings have implications for the performance of men who flirt with women in the workplace, or even exam results in mixed-sex schools. [Emphasis mine]

I doubt the implications stop there. In my own experience, the rubberneck extends largely to the sightline, regardless of who might be trying to signal or “flirt” at any given time.

What intrigues me is that we do not hear more evidence or account from the women who cause this reaction. Is this a deeper signal that the most attractive women have come to trust above others? Do men really lack a similar form of lithograph or are we looking in the wrong place to expose a similarly transparent signal?

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On working (short)

Posted in theories, work by rumin8r on September 2, 2009

What are the merits of a hard day’s work? If I assume my life is like a roll of bubble-tape, then the more I chew on any given day, the less of me left over.

However, I tend to look at life as more like an economy. When the right factors are in place, the work I do now and the work I can do in the future expand my potential and increase what I am able to enjoy and accomplish. When I am neglecting an important aspect of my own well-being, I might be dipping into my reserves at a time when such an act might tip me into the next recession.

At the end of the day, I feel exhausted. I also feel the need to justify the day in terms of factors that can signal whether I am still proceeding in the right direction. Some days it is hard to look past the idea that I am just being spent up. What sorts of things could (or should) I do to ensure that what I’ve spent today is actually investment in tomorrow and not a draw-down of my life?

I feel that work is very analogous to an economy. And I would bet that I could learn more from the perils inherent in the economy than from the simple promise it holds. What is my stock trading at and who is willing to buy?

Curious motivation

Posted in theories by rumin8r on August 25, 2009

Ever wonder why it seems that you can always find yourself energized to do new things and go in new directions when you are procrastinating? I have a theory about this.

When you are procrastinating you are only fooling your highest level functioning. Your body, on the other hand, is still fully prepared to (hopefully) dive into the urgent task just as soon as you can decide to begin. What I find is that I can (and do) hijack this readiness and direct efforts toward some ancillary interest or task with a fervor that is fully intended for that which needs to be done.

Things to watch out for:

  • Spend-up – you blow through your available energy on the wrong task
  • Spend-down – you change focus too fully and lose needed readiness, without getting much out of the distraction
  • Spinning the wheels – you manage to focus but the keen distraction does not go away (e.g. re-reading paragraph or pages)
  • Blogging – so easy to set up and such satisfying distraction